Here's a list of all of our released/announced titles in the Arrow Academy catalogue to date. We'll be updating regularly, as and when new releases are revealed.

Spotlight On A Murderer [Dual Format] 29 May 2017
The Jacques Rivette Collection [Dual Format] 23 May 2017
Three Brothers [Dual Format] 25 April 2017
The Assassin [Dual Format] 11 April 2017
Kiju Yoshida: Love + Anarchism [Dual Format] 11 April 2017
Cinema Paradiso [Blu-ray] 21 March 2017
Cinema Paradiso [DVD] 21 March 2017
Cinema Paradiso [Barnes & Noble Blu-ray Exclusive] 14 March 2017
The Creeping Garden [Dual Format] 14 March 2017
Story of Sin [Dual Format] 14 March 2017
Property is No Longer a Theft [Dual Format] 7 March 2017
Ludwig [Dual Format Limited Edition] 7 March 2017
Author: Lou
Published: 18th January 2017
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